A leading global recruitment agency that specialises in HR solutions, EPC project placements, general staffing/job positions as well as cv, logo and website design.

Our recruitment agency has individualised plans and candidates which are made up of quality services/individuals that will help you get where your company is going quickly and smoothly.

Our Mission:

– To develop above average human capital within organisations nationally
– Provide the best talent and services to an organisation. 
– Ensure that a new incumbent will compliment the existing culture and structures within an organisation. 
– Do substantial research into each candidate’s abilities and conduct scientific competency-based interviews (CBI) with each candidate before introduction.


We enable you to achieve greatness by pairing prospective employees with the best clients possible

Unlike other recruitment agencies we provide the best staffing solutions for your company. Our staff have years of experience when it comes to recruitment, human resources and business consulting.

We are a recruitment agency based in Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Next Steps…

We Serve All Industries

We stay on top of our industry by being in close contact with yours and measure our successes by the results our clients achieve by using our services. Recruitment Sphere is rated as the preferred strategic business partner for leading companies on the African Continent, The Middle East – and beyond!

Our services include Executive Search, General Recruitment, Labour & Industrial Relations Consultancy as well as Human Resources Outsourcing.

– Recruitment Services.

– Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions.

– Integrity Checks.

– Temporary Staff.

– Investor’s Opportunity.

– Competitive rates.

– Strike Action Labour Solutions.

– Training Solutions.

– Competitive rates.